Comfort in just one puff

“An unfamiliar city is a fine thing. That’s the time and place when you can suppose that all the people you meet are nice. It’s dream time. ” Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Just like happiness, travelling is not about the destination, it’s the way of life. It is about the journey and the excitement of the encounters you’ll meet. Whether these encounters bring happiness, frustration, or desire, they give us stories to share. When we embark on such a journey, the adventures can sometimes be tiring, or even vexing; our senses are overloaded by the many news sights, sceneries, and people

The need to have a good rest while on the road is our inspiration in designing the Aubergine Pillow so you can recharge any time, anywhere, on the road.


How does Aubergine Pillow provide comfort in just one puff?

Most travel pillows are inflatable, filled with memory foam or micro bead fillings. The latter two options are usually bulky and get in the way of “traveling light”.


The inflatable pillow, therefore, is probably one of the most convenient choices. When it is not needed, it can be flattened and stored away, flat. However, one of the problems about inflatable pillows is that to get the pillow functional, air has to be blown into the valves. Not only is it time-consuming, it is also very unsanitary.

Aubergine Pillow saves the day!

How does Aubergine Pillow works?

Aubergine Pillow works using the Bernoulli effect:

Puffing 2 inches away from the spout initiates the Bernoulli effect, using the surrounding air to multiply the volume of your breath. It’s a wind-wind situation!

When you are fully re-charged, simply deflate the pillow and roll it to its tail. When you’re done, the aubergine pillow becomes as compact as a mobile phone.

Aubergine Pillow is the perfect size for maximum hug-ability, so nest yourself on our mount-ever-rest

The shape of the eggplant is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also ergonomically-designed to allow users to feel comfortable during the break. The smooth curving lines and recess in the middle of the Aubergine Pillow is meant to hold your neck and head comfortably. Just imagine the satisfying resting experience of the soft and full belly of the Aubergine Pillow.

The fabric used to construct Aubergine Pillow is machine washable so you do not have to worry about drool stains. Go ahead and lose yourself in your dreams.


Get your own Aubergine Pillow here!

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