Have a question about the limited edition PowerCube?

1.  Would the print disappear/fade off when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time?

The technical term for colour fading is called photodegradation. Photodegradation is caused when the breakdown of chemical bonds by ultraviolet (UV) rays. The print that we have selected for this limited edition PowerCube is resistant to UV light. Therefore, you can be sure to enjoy the aesthetic of this product for a long time.

2. What is the expected delivery time for the limited edition PowerCube?

The limited edition PowerCube(s) will be shipped out from our Netherlands office from Monday, 4 December. For estimated shipping time, please check here.

3. Is gift wrapping service included?

We apologise that we do not provide gift wrapping service at this moment.

4. In which countries can the limited edition PowerCube be used?

The limited edition is only available in Type E, Type F, and Type G

5. Is the limited edition PowerCube only available in the Extended USB version?

Yes. The limited edition PowerCube is only available in our most popular version, the Extended USB version.

6.  What is the energy output from the plugs and the USB ports?

The voltage and USB output of the limited edition PowerCube |Extended USB| is the same is the normal PowerCube |Extended USB|. The voltage output is at 100-250V; 13-16A and the USB output is 2X5V; 2100mA (10W).

7.  Is it equipped with child-protection lock?

Yes, all our PowerCubes are equipped with child-protection lock.

8. What would be my contribution to the charity with every PowerCube purchased?

1 PowerCube

One Elementary School student’s monthly school fee

2 PowerCubes

One month’s internet access for the children

3 PowerCubes

One Junior High School student’s monthly school fee

5 PowerCubes

15 meals for the children

8 PowerCubes

One High School student’s monthly school fee

10 PowerCubes

30 meals for the children

20 PowerCubes

Hiring fees for a local English instructor

25 PowerCubes

Hiring fees for a local Gamelan instructor

 9. I have a PowerCube at home, how many Cubes can I stack on the PowerCube |Extended USB|? 

In theory, the PowerCube can be extended infinitely, as long as the devices you connect do not draw more than the rating specified on the product. However, we recommend you to attach no more than two PowerCubes to one mounted PowerCube.

10. Can I choose the colours of the USB-C cable?

To complement the colour of the limited edition PowerCube, we will be giving away free grey USB-C cable for purchases made during the pre-orders.

11. There is a problem with the limited edition PowerCube that I received. Can I get a refund?

Before shipping the limited edition PowerCube to you, our friendly webshop sales representative does a final check on the quality of the product. However, mistakes can happen. If you are not satisfied with the limited edition PowerCube, please write to us with your order number at webshop@allocacoc.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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