Wake up and smell the coffee

Cisca Colijn, owner of Miss Morrison (Photo credits: Marianne van der Quast)

If you pass Cisca Colijn on the streets of Delft, the waft of coffee aroma lingering around her might remind you of an artist who stayed up late last night to complete her masterpiece painting. Delft, The Netherlands, is afterall the home of Jan Vermeer. He is famed for the painting Girl with a Pearl Earring. This picturesque town with its rich artistic heritage continues to inspire its population today.

Cisca Colijn is indeed an artist. She established Miss Morrison, a coffee roaster in Delft, since 2014 and since then, Miss Morrison has become the place to go for quality coffee beans and coffee blends.

When asked who inspired the character of the cafe — we took several guesses including the female versions of Jim Morrison and Van Morrison — Cisca responded: “I don’t even know who Miss Morrison is. I guess everyone experiences Miss Morrison differently”.


Gradually, Miss Morrison became a place where people could come and feel at home.

“I had my first cup of coffee with my father when I was 5. For me, coffee is more than a beverage. It is a moment of connection. When we are sad or when we are happy, we share a coffee together” said Cisca.

Indeed anything can happen from a cup of coffee. This is the case for soap maker Scheermonnik and Gin distiller Delft Zwart Jenever, who have both become partners with Miss Morrison. Together, they have created a gentleman’s haven out of the Faradayweg venue.

“Coffee was our first connection,” she said.

At first glance, coffee beans, shaving soap, and gin, appears to have so little in common. But according to Miss Morrison, they are all very similar: “It’s all about craftsmanship, senses, and appreciation.”

Cisca Colijn roasts the coffee herself at her Faradayweg venue. While coffee roasting has been an industry predominately owned by men — a 2012 “Roast” magazine survey found that only 13 percent of professional roasters were women — Cisca Colijn finds it very encouraging to be a woman in this industry.

Miss Morrison, Faradayweg venue

“As a woman, I feel very powerful,” said Cisca.

“While it is rare to find a woman roaster, women should not feel discouraged about doing what they enjoy doing. I think it’s most important to follow your heart and if that means you want to make the decision to be a roaster, then go for it! We have more resources and tools than before and I believe women have equal opportunities as men to explore their interests,” she continued.

Coincidentally, today is International Women’s Day. It is the time to reflect on the progress that women have made, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women. As Cisca has demonstrated, there is nothing too difficult to achieve.

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