FlashLight |DeskSpot|


Adjustable Folding Desk Lamp with Removable Light Source

Adjust the Position of the Light for a Brighter Area

Fold or lengthen the desk lamp to move the light source for a brighter spot light. The lamp can bend in two places for more precise lighting; bend the lamp arm or the lamp head for more light.

Powerful Bright LED Light for an Office Desk, Reading and Writing

This small rechargeable light source uses a long lasting LED that can reach up to 600lm for a well-lit area. Use the FlashLight |DeskSpot| at your desk in the office or on a nightstand near your bed for a bright spot light.

Remove the Light Source to Use as a Flashlight

Unplug the light within the lamp head to use it as a bright flashlight. The flashlight has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can last anywhere from 2-72 hours with a full charge.

Stepless Dimming

You can adjust to the brightness level you want anywhere from 10 to 600lm when you press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.

What is

DesignNest is a one-stop platform for designers to launch their products worldwide, for retailers to order innovative products for their stores and for consumers to afford these designs from authentic designers. 

Read the story behind rebranding HERE - DesignNest Rebranding: A New Logo Stands For What DesignNest is.

Vision & Mission

Make product design accessible and affordable for everyone.

Creating an end-to-end platform for funding, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and fighting copycats - serving designers, retailers and consumers.

Welcome to Our Online Store!

You're at DesignNest Europe Online Store. This is the official DesignNest webshop for Europe.

In 2019, Allocacoc as the founder of DesignNest has decided to do a rebranding and focus on the development of DesignNest. Our webshop's name is going to change from "Allocacoc Europe Online Store" to "DesignNest Europe Online Store" on 1st July. (Read the rebranding letter: allocacoc has a new name)

Here we have designer's one-of-a-kind products from and the most complete range of PowerCube® collection and other Allocacoc products in Europe. If you like our products, please leave a comment on the product page!



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