Portable Tube Humidifier


Portable Tube Humidifier is USB-powered and it is a true personal humidifier for work desk, bedroom, gardening, car and travel as it is small enough to carry around. It is lightweight, easy to use and effectively add moisture to the dry air around you wherever and whenever you need it. Comes without a water tank means low maintenance. You can use the tube that comes with it or use any type of containers: water bottles, mugs, or glasses. Comes with a retractable cord and leakproof rubber ring.

*Dip the bottom half of Portable Tube Humidifier into water for 2-3 minutes before plugging in. Mineral water and clean tap water are best for humidifiers. Do not use pure water, distilled water and essential oil with it. 

Materials   ABS + PC
Weight   110g 
Dimension   3.8 x 3.8 x 16.5cm
Cotton Stick   0.7 x 14.2cm
Power   1.5W
Voltage   5V
Water Consumption Per Hour   40ml
Working duration   3 hours 
Plug Type   USB
Available Colours   Grey 

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