PowerBank Duo-Wireless


Wirelessly charge your phone from anywhere with the PowerBank |Duo-Wireless|. Simply place your smartphone on top of the PowerBank to instantly charge your phone wirelessly. It also comes with 3 different USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices. It comes with a capacity of 8000mAh. Shake it to check battery level. You can charge the PowerBank with USB-C cable, Apple Lightning cable or even on a wireless charging pad. 

*Note: Your smartphone needs to support Qi functionality to be able to charge wirelessly. Special covers are also available that allow wireless charging. This charger is suitable for the following models: 

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (Plus), S8 (Plus), S9 (Plus) and newer models
  • Apple iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone X and newer models

    For a full list, click here

    Size   L150 x W73 x H15mm
    Weight   230g
    Material   ABS
    Output   DC5V/2.4A (max)
    Output (wireless)   5W
    Input (wireless)   5W
     Input (Apple Lightning)   DC5V/2.0A
     Input (USB-C)   DC5V/2.0A
    Battery   3.6V/8000mAh(29.6Wh)
    Indicator   Red (0-33%), Yellow (34%-66%), Green (67%-100%)



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